Sustainable Development

Following the trail of Sustainable Development we picked up in 1999, our Consulting Group carried on a continuous in depth analysis of specific knowledge and developed local and external contacts, with a view to offering services with an extent that goes beyond what we have offered hitherto.


We now offer, among other, the following services:


Company’s Eco – Efficiency improvement

Detection of Carbon Border Tax in different countries

Strategy design for exporters facing Carbon Border Taxes

Risk detection for Banks supporting Foreign Trade


This is a new approach in accordance with present times, related to the increasing world awareness and concern vis-à-vis Climate Change and the emission of green-house gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous anhydride, among others), gases that are the result of industrial and agricultural processes, and of transportation.


But not all of business worries are centred on green-houses gases. Both local and international regulations are becoming more and more severe regarding the emission of other gases, dumping of liquid effluents and the disposal of solid residues.


This fact is not only reflected by the legislation, but it can also be experienced in the field of both local and international trade. Labels emphasizing product carbon foot-prints are now appearing in a number of supermarkets abroad. How long before they appear at home?


These environmental legal and commercial issues concerning the industrial and agro-industrial world keep growing and become more complex day by day.


We incorporate the angle of exports and imports when viewed from a Sustainable Development perspective. We understand this means value-added.