The Consulting Group

We offer our clients consulting services covering the following fields: international trade negotiations, including those involving Environmental Goods within the framework of Sustainable Development, marketing research in South American countries, foreign trade business development, local action against unfair trade, specialized consulting regarding MERCOSUR tariffs, among other consulting services.

Our consulting group represents our clients’ interests vis-à-vis the most relevant trade negotiations, such as those taking place within MERCOSUR, as those MERCOSUR conduct with regard to other economic blocks, such as the Andean Community or the European Union. We are also involved on their behalf as far as the A.L.A.D.I. (Latin American Integration Association) is concerned. In this respect we ought to mention our participation in the latest rounds of negotiations that took place between Argentina and Mexico.

With a view to rendering these services efficiently, we have established through the years a strong net composed of trustworthy Latin American colleagues. Among our clients there are relevant international companies and also medium seized locally owned firms.


The Estudio López Dardaine , created in 1984, is a consulting group specialising in foreign trade.

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Following the trail of Sustainable Development we picked up in 1999, our Consulting Group carried on a continuous in depth analysis of specific knowledge and developed local and external contacts, with a view to offering services with an extent that goes beyond what we have offered hitherto.

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Among our main areas of consulting expertise we would like to mention the following:

    • Negotiations within MERCOSUR
    • Negotiations involving MERCOSUR and other countries
    • Negotiations within the ALADI (Latin American Integration Association)
    • Surveys covering tariff rebates and duty preferences
    • Marketing Research
    • Logistics analysis
    • New tariff classification and reduction of the external common tariff for products within MERCOSUR
    • Rules of Origin within MERCOSUR
    • Trade & Sustainable Development analysis
    • Environmental Goods negotiations at the WTO and at the Regional level
    • Trade Facilitation
    • Trade Financing

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We shall mention here only a few of our present and past clients:


  • LATINOCONSULT (Engineering)
  • OXITENO (Brazil)
  • QUAKER (Foodstuffs)

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As from 1999, Estudio López Dardaine became part of the efforts of the International Community on behalf of Sustainable Development, a key matter that together with the beginning of the new century went to top of the agendas in most international negotiations and conferences.

Our consulting services cover the following issues:

    • Environmental Goods negotiations within the framework of Sustainable Development

    • Negotiations between MERCOSUR and other blocks or countries

    • Negotiations within the A.L.A.D.I. (Latin American Integration Association)

    • Studies on tariff preferences, that is the negotiated rebates on tariffs for products imported from Third Countries

    • New Market Development in countries within Latin America

    • Trade Facilitation – analysis of both logistic and customs issues

    • Consulting on the origin rules products need to comply with within MERCOSUR

    • Consulting referred to trade financing within MERCOSUR
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  • Consulting regarding the administrative MERCOSUR framework

    • Strategies to secure the supply of key raw material in MERCOSUR countries
    • Tariff opening and duty modification, either temporary or permanent, regarding the MERCOSUR External Common Tariff for critical raw materials or intermediary products non produced or suffering from insufficient supply
    • Trade Facilitation

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